3d scan & reverse Engineerıng

We specialize in the fascinating realms of 3D scanning and reverse engineering. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to meticulously scan small objects with precision, capturing every intricate detail. Through the process of reverse engineering, we unravel the design complexities of these objects, transforming them into digital models that serve as blueprints for innovation. Whether it’s a vintage artifact, a prototype, or a unique component, our expert team navigates the intricate world of reverse engineering to unlock the potential of each item. To bring these digital recreations to life, we seamlessly integrate 3D printing into our workflow, allowing us to reproduce the scanned objects with astonishing accuracy. Our passion for technological advancement and commitment to craftsmanship converge in the seamless synergy of 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and 3D printing, opening up new possibilities for design, restoration, and creative exploration.


We design our own original product designs using Solidworks and Rhinoceros software. In addition to quickly obtaining prototype outputs with our regular 3D printers, we are also able to produce products of final product quality with our 3D resin printers. In complex modeling, we offer fast solutions by assembling multiple parts together.